Welcome to Charlotte Mari - ethical, timeless jewellery with a personal, hand-stamped touch. 


Hi, I’m Charlotte, I’d love to tell you a little more of the story behind our unique Welsh jewellery brand, Charlotte Mari. It all began with my search for simple, personalised jewellery. I was looking for classic, timeless designs of enduring quality that I could wear for years to come. I struggled to find any high-end hand-stamped jewellery that was made to last, so took matters into my own hands and began bringing my designs to life. 


As a fashion student, I took my first steps into jewellery-making and found a whole heap of joy in the creative process. I began learning silversmithing techniques, experimenting with metal stamping and designing elegant, personalised pieces which I love to wear every day. I knew I had found my passion in jewellery design.


I spent the following years working on Charlotte Mari, squeezing in any time I could alongside a full-time job. After many long days and late nights, I was finally able to move the business forward and take it full-time, growing our team along the way.  As a mother, family life is a huge priority and flexibility is key! So, as an employer, Charlotte Mari strives to offer flexible working opportunities within our team to other women, supporting childcare needs as much as we can.


This is our wonderful Studio Assistant Bethany who helps run all aspects in the CM Studio. This is the wonderful Bethany. Beth has been with the CM studio for over two years now and helps run all aspects of the business including silversmithing, email and social media.







Charlotte Mari jewellery workshops have recently become another thriving branch of the business. I offer beginner workshops around South Wales, teaching groups of lovely people how to make sterling silver jewellery from scratch using traditional silversmithing techniques. Over much tea, friendly chatter and plenty of cake, we learn all about the art of metal stamping and I teach everyone how to personalise pieces using our creative range of fonts and design stamps.


The journey so far has been incredible, Charlotte Mari has grown into a thriving jewellery studio, based here in South Wales.  Each unique piece of jewellery is designed and made to order in our home studio and exquisitely packaged for you to treat yourself or gift to a loved one. Our customers mean the world to us and we are honoured to create personalised jewellery, stamped with meaningful words, telling your unique story. 


Charlotte Mari is now an award-winning Welsh independent brand specialising in hand-stamped, contemporary jewellery made from ethically sourced, recycled silver and gold. We believe in creating meaningful, eco-conscious jewellery which can be treasured for a lifetime. 


I can’t wait to share more of our journey with you, as we continue to bloom and grow with new personalised pieces and stunning gemstone collections. Join our mailing list for exclusive discounts and follow us on Instagram for a regular dose of precious jewels, stacking inspo and silversmithing antics from us!